Pecking Disorder

Robert’s book Pecking Disorder is available online through MLR Press in the US.

Robert signed copies at the GayRomLit conference in Albuquerque in October 2012.



Pecking Disorder Robert Moore

© Robert Moore


It is 1971 Hobart, Tasmania. Ross Mayne is boarding at an education department hostel to complete Year 12. He has been away from the family farm for a month. The night before he returns home buddy Michael Nichols, climbs into his bed.

An anxious weekend of disclosures and secrets follow. Ross’s older brother Phillip leaves home in a hurry. Fearing what people might say, the Mayne family fabricates a story about Phillip’s departure.  Ross is offered the family farm.

Despite the need for silence, Ross and Michael get it together in a night of sustained passion underneath the Southern Cross.


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