God is an Apricot

A splash of William Burroughs. A drop of Hunter S. Thompson. Add a pinch of Paul Kelly. This heady mix is reminiscent of a Pink Floyd film clip.
Gabriel Dorset is seroconverting to HIV. He doesn’t know it.
However, an unrelenting fever disturbs him. An application to the Lamington Council for the Arts to mount a production of Swan Lake with 500 Little People is a priority.
His creative partner Marcia Font- also a Little Person- assists Gabriel with the ballet renamed Cygnet Waterhole. It’s to be staged outdoors in the Shepherds Hill Recreation Park south of Adelaide by their Mt Compass company, Cloaca Inc. The cast, refugees from Hindmarsh Island, are realigned by Mother Teresa, a bevy of postulants and Golda, a transvestite salmon who liaises with the Akashic Records.
Delirious Gabriel has lost all sense of time. It’s Monday forever somewhere between here and where geography and history rebirth Thomas Hardy and an Australian print run of Far from the Madding Midgets.
Hardy’s manuscript envelopes Shepherd’s Hill. Sheep are the editors. Moses provides the flock. From a cherry picker he controls traffic lights, driverless vehicles and a new breed of miniature sheep, Baby Dolls.
He still manages to tuck those historic tablets underarm.
The $130 000 000 application to the Lamington Council is approved. Cygnet River Dairies are major sponsors. They use Cygnet Waterhole to promote Glide, a new butter blend.
Between Mt Compass and the Hyperbole Bar, Gabriel seeks out Jesus. Mt Compass is also home to Frank Ly a psychotherapist who is surrounded by chooks. Gabriel visits him.
This meeting is intriguing and scarily déjà vu.
With Cygnet Waterhole Gabriel has to embrace the surreal and the mind-blowing delineation of his public and private personas.
This is something he’s been sweating on for a lifetime.

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