Go Toilet Go

Toilet is sick and tired of being anchored to the spot. Friends, Screwdriver and Spanner hear Toilet’s moaning and groaning and decide to do something about ‘his’ plight.
Releasing Toilet from the confines of the ‘little room’, the three friends escape for the day to the Royal Show. Spanner and Screwdriver ensure that all three of them are well protected from the sun and make hats from toilet rolls for the outing.
At the show however, a cow uses Toilet, people mistake ‘him’ for a trash can, and the combination of a ride on the Super Scooper and junk food induces a rethink of Toilet’s primary role.
Toilet returns home more accepting of his place…and lot in life.
This initial story sets the scene for further instalments and a possible series. Toilet Goes Hawaiian, Scuba Toilet and Toilet Skydiver are titles I am considering. Screwdriver and Spanner are the constant companions/accomplices.

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