short stories


‘The IS Symphony.’

‘The Cowboy Man’ Brave New Word.

‘The Fence’ Radio Adelaide.

‘Mother Tongue’ Radio Adelaide.

‘Clearview’ Feast Short Story winner 2001.

‘Teeter for Two’ To appear in Lizard Skin Press April 2012.

Excerpt from ‘Teeter for Two’

‘Hello mum,’ he said, raising his voice. He rattled the door so as not to startle her, shifted her walker to one side and kissed her gently on the cheek. He tried to conceal his reaction to the obvious deterioration in her health, in particular her insipid complexion. Her previous smooth skin had assumed reptilian characteristics.

‘Hello dear. It’s nice to see you. You’re looking well.’ Relieved by this positive remark, Paul removed a number of naturopathic preparations from his backpack. He stacked them with a packet of green tea next to a spice rack to make them appear less conspicuous.

‘Wha’s all that for?’ Daphne asked.


‘If you think it works dear.’

‘My skin’s the best it’s been in years,’ Paul said, looking for signs of lesions but pleased he didn’t have to explain the real reason for the contents of his backpack.

‘Would you like a cup of tea or something stronger?’

‘Tea’ll be fine.’

He kicked aside sheets of newspaper that had fallen on the hearth in front of a slow combustion stove and stepped over Fred, a decrepit Silky Terrier, who Daphne often remarked was racing her to the grave.

‘What’s that smell?’ Paul asked sniffing.

‘Probably Fred again,’ Daphne said. ‘He lets off with monotonous regularity. Have to shut him in the kitchen when I go to bed these days. He can’t jump and I can’t lift.’